Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How can I Increase sale of my website?

How to Get Online with a Website and Profit From Its Success

The Site:
A good, professional and clean looking website is your first step in the effort to attract visitors. A stagnant & dull website will simply not sell your product or service. The first impression of your website is very important. As it only takes a mouse click from visitors to get out of your site and into your competitors! A well designed website can help you draw new prospects, repeat customers and help generate sales because you have grabbed your visitors attention to read what you have to say.

The Content:

What you need next is professional content. You need to show visitors your expertise and why they should buy from you. A proven method of doing this is by creating a "vertical portal" or a "community site". Vertical portal is concentrating on a smaller niche / target market! You can handle enquiries about your industry or area of expertise. You can build rapport so that visitors will trust you and buy from you. A vertical portal is a proven method to attract visitors and subsequently convert those visitors to customers!

The Links:
Promoting is a must for all website. Without it, you are bound to fail. There are many ways to promote your website on the net. The best proven method and most cost effective (again it's free) way is to exchange links to your website with other sites that supplement yours! This is called 'reciprocal links'. It's a win-win situation where both sites will get what each one wants: more visitors! You might even end up with an agreement such as offering discounts to either site's visitors in order to give more value to the visitors!

A bit of brain storming would help you find your perfect cyber-match. Why reciprocal links are important is because, once an exchange is made (win-win situation), it is a lot of free advertising about you, circulating itself in the right market!

Exchanging links can be done in various ways, by exchanging text link, button link or a banner!

The Update:
You need to update your site from time to time. This shows that you are serious about your website! Updating may involve just the main page with up to date news, new tips, new advice, new offers and the list goes on…

A change does not mean you need to revamp the whole website or putting in new graphics regularly etc. Changing text on your website does not cost you much if you hire someone to do it for you. On the other hand you can also do it yourself, as HTML is not difficult to learn especially editing text! So, with a regularly updated site, a community, a portal, a newsletter to keep in touch with your visitors and a great looking website.

(from: net.pk)

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